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Tree of Life Vase

Posted Thursday, June 08 by Brian

My name is Mike. My mother has this vase that runs
in the family, it was given to her greatgrand parents
when they were married in 1904. She had talked to other relatives
and is quite posible that the vase was already in the
family and was givin in 1901 to said greatgrand
parents wedding. She and other relatives think it is
possible it was made in the latter 1800's. My mother would like
to know more about this vase and asked my to check it
out for her. Any help or contacts would be much appreciated.
Vase Tree of Life.jpgVase Tree of Life Btm.jpg
The pattern on the outside of the vase was made by a number of different companies. It was originally called "Tree of Life" and so would have been appropriate as a wedding present. Some companies used the design and renamed it. One of the closest to your vase was called "By Cracky" apparently because it vaguely resembled crackle glass. "By Cracky" was not made until the Depression era though. All of the glass that I have found with that pattern from the time period around 1904 was either opalescent blue or clear. Because so many companies used the basic design, you may never figure out which one made it.

To further confuse things many companies used the name "Tree of Life" for patterns that do not resemble this at all, which makes doing research even harder.

There is a slight chance that the vase is not quite as old as your mother thinks. Sometimes the information passed down gets confused with a different piece or a different person. I've seen it happen many times with things that just cannot be true, like a person getting a radio as a wedding present in 1880.

In this case I can't be sure, because the pattern was being made around 1900, I just have not found it in that color during that time period.

If anyone out there can shed further light on the piece, I'll see that the information is passed on.

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