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John Ridgway & Co Chintz Pattern China

Posted Wednesday, June 14 by Brian

I have just bought a partial set of porcelain marked as follows: CAULDON Ltd England in green; Burley&CO Chicago in red; an "oval platter" standing on end topped with a crown and with a
cluster of plant material at the base, along the bottom of which is a banner with CHINTZ and JR&Co on it, below which is written REG No 599628. Handwritten in red is V 737 X .

Please tell what you can about this set, including value. I have been unable to find it listed at Replacements, e-Bay, or other similar sites. Thanks. Neil
Let's take the marks one at a time. Burley and Company was a Chicago retailer. They frequently added their mark to products they sold. For a more thorough discussion, read this earlier post on Burley & Co.

The mark with JR & Co in an oval with crown on top is for John Ridgway and Company a British china maker who started making china around 1830 at Cauldon Place, with production still today under the Royal Doulton Group. The word "Chintz" in the banner is the pattern name.

Around 1905, Ridgway became part of Cauldon Ltd, which changed its name to Cauldon Potteries, Ltd about 1920. The number 599628 is a British design registration number for that pattern that dates the registration of the pattern to 1912. That would narrow the range of production for your set to between 1912 and 1920 or so. The V737X is a number probably painted on by a decorator that refers to an internal number for the pattern.

Replacements Ltd does have the pattern in their database with just 1 luncheon plate in stock. To the best of my knowledge they are not currently buying the pattern, because they do not have enough people registered for it.

If you search Ebay for Ridgway Chintz you will find several items that do not match yours because the use of the term "chintz" also refers to any pattern with all over flowers. I suspect that their is very little of the pattern out there, which could make adding to your set difficult.

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