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Cauldon Ltd. Service Plates

Posted Tuesday, June 20 by Brian

I have 12 service plates that I inherited about 20
years ago and am interested in selling them but am
having difficulty finding out much about them or their
value. They are very ornate and in excellent
condition and have markings on the back saying
"Cauldon Ltd" with "England" underneath, and also a
number 2037 with a "W" and a squiggle above the number.
(See pics attached) I'm guessing that they were made
between 1905 and 1920? Is there a market for these
plates? Can you give me some estimate of their worth?
Cauldon Plate.jpg
You are right about the dating. They are sellable. But, china doesn't sell as well as it used to, because people don't do as much formal entertaining.

I was not able to identify the pattern, which is not too unusual. It may have been in production only a short time. I think the squiggle is probably a "V" (think lower case script V). Many of their pattern numbers begin with a V.

They would probably sell in a shop for $200-$300 for the 12 plates.
Wholesale to a dealer would be about 1/3 to 1/2 of what the dealer thinks the would sell for in their market. It would probably take a dealer with a shop in a more upscale market to want them.

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