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Delfia (Delft?) Ginger Jar

Posted Tuesday, June 27 by Brian

delfia ginger jar.jpg

I received a white and blue porcelain ginger jar from my mother many years ago. I have always valued it, as it was given to me by my mother. I only know one thing about this vase, the fact that my mother paid over $500.00 for it at auction. Could you tell me if she was ripped off? Or is this vase really worth that much or more? Thank you for your time. Sincerely I remain, Nina

This type/style of blue and white ceramic called Delft, was made in Holland and then England as far back as the 1600's and 1700's. It is still being made today in Holland and many other countries. I have not been able to identify the exact mark on your ginger jar. I don't consider myself especially knowledgable about Delft. But, I think this piece was probably made in the 20th century. I think a value of $500 or more is unlikely, but not out of the question, if the piece is older than I think. If anyone out there in cyberspace knows who used this mark, and when, please let me know.

Delpfia Mark.jpg As to whether your mother was "ripped off", that depends on the circumstances at the auction. If she was bidding against another private party who also wanted the piece and they kept bidding each other up, she may have "overpaid", but was not "ripped off". If, however, there was no other legitimate bidder, and the auctioneer pretended there was (or used a shill) to keep her bidding, then she would have been cheated. The practice of "running up" a bidder is not all that common, but it does happen.

Without being able to identify the mark and date the piece, I am not comfortable trying to put a value on it.

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