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Posted Friday, June 30 by Brian


Wondering if you could tell me anything about this. It does not have any marking's on bottom Does not seem to be able to hold any liquid, as it has a screw down in the mouth of narrow spout? Thank You.

Your piece is called a ewer. A ewer is a decorative pitcher with a base, an oval body, and a flaring spout. They are usually made with metal mountings and a porcelain body. The screw, you mention, is used to hold the piece together. Your piece was designed strictly for ornamental purposes, and was never intended to be used.

They were usually sold in pairs and frequently part of a three piece garniture set that included a matching clock. The garniture (ewer, clock, ewer) was often displayed on a mantle, and ocassionally on a sideboard. They were popular in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

The value of a single ewer is rather modest, for yours $50 to $100. Pairs would be worth more than double a single's price. Full garnitures are quite desireable and can be quite expensive depending on the quality of the materials and workmanship, as well as the quality, manufacturer and condition of the matching clock.

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