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Hauber & Reuther Beer Stein

Posted Sunday, July 23 by Brian

Hauber & Ruether 457.jpgI have 2 different steins for which I was hoping you can help provide some information. The first is a Mettlach # 1732 ½ liter. The other is a HR 457. I have included some pictures of both.

Could you provide some historical information on both, as well as their value? Thank you so very much.


I'll answer about the Hauber and Reuther stein first, and do the Mettlach in a couple of days.

I found a great site while researching your stein called The site is building a library of information about beer steins and says it has over 4,000 steins in its library. Fortunately, yours one one of the samples available for viewing for free to see the type of information available. In this case it covers everything you want to know. It has background, a translation of the German text, and pricing for four variations. For your .5L in full color about $125-$175.

Here is the entry for your Hauber & Reuther 457 Beer Stein.

Access to the full site costs $25 per year, which is quite reasonable if you are a collector, dealer or are rearching more than 1 or 2 steins. There is some general information available on the site for free as well as a sampling of library entries. I haven't signed up yet, but probably will in the future.

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