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Parrot Lamp

Posted Saturday, August 26 by Brian

Parrot Lamp.jpg I was wondering if you all know anything about this particular parrot lamp. It was something that my grandmother gave me (that I almost threw out) about twenty years ago. Unfortunately, I don’t know much more about it myself. There is a number on the bottom that I could barely read—three-thousand something—so I’m guessing it might be a limited production item? Oh, and it does have what appears to be the original electrical cord and does work. Thanks in advance. Tamra

First, let me apologize for my slow response to everyone who has been sending in questions. I have been working on an estate sale for the last 5 weeks. I do have to make a living somehow.

I knew I had seen this lamp before, but it took me a while to find it. It was made by the Diamond "F" Manufacturing Company of Cleveland, Ohio. It was probably made in the late 1920's or 1930's. Production could have continued into the early 40's. There is no way to really know for sure. If you said about 1935, you wouldn't be far off.

The model number of your lamp is No. 140. The company also made the same lamp with a slightly different base, without the onyx, model no. 160. The number you mention starting with a 3 is probably a part number to distinguish the different bases. Lamps were not made as limited editions.

The finish is called polychrome (multi-clored). The condition appears in the photos to be very good to excellent. Original wiring is not critical to the value. It actually looks like it has been rewired once already to me. The original cord would have been silk wrapped and appear round. So, it would be OK to have it rewired, if there is ever a question about its safety. I would use the old silk wrapped cloth cord when rewiring to restore the original look. Figural lamps like this are very desireable and would probably sell in the $250-$350 range. I think you should be pleased that you didn't throw it out.

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