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Unsigned Watercolor Painting

Posted Thursday, September 14 by Brian

This painting is unsigned as far as I can tell. I believe frame is original. Any idea who artist might be or what it might be worth?

Thank you, Jami
Unsigned WC.jpg

If it is unsigned, it would likely be impossible to determine who the artist is. The mat looks like it "may" be newer than the frame and painting. You should make sure that a signature was not "covered up" by a new mat. It could also have the artist's name or other information on the back of the painting.

Assuming that it is not signed, it has what I call "pretty picture value". In other words, what would someone be willing to pay to put this pretty picture on their wall. It appears to be a reasonably well done watercolor. The frame has some damage that affects its appearance. If I was pricing this to put in my store I would hope to get between $100 and $150.

If you find a signature or other information, let me know and I'll see if I can find out any more information.

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