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Should I Paint These 1920's Dining Chairs?

Posted Tuesday, September 19 by Brian

1920s Dining Room Chair.jpg
Hi, I am hoping you can shed some light on the age/style of my four dining chairs. I don't think they match the table that they came with. I was actually wondering if they could have been from a church, due to the bell shape cut out on the backs. I am contemplating painting the chairs as I really do not like their style, but hesitate to do so. Any info you can send is greatly appreciated. Anne

The chairs like the rest of the set is likely from the 1920's or early 30's. The style is a 20th century reinterpretation of the much older Jacobean style. The chairs do not match the set but are of a similar style. The matching chairs would have had the same melon shaped balls on the front legs, only smaller in proportion. They would not have come from a church. They are just dining room side chairs with a bell flower cut out motif.

If you paint them, they will be virtually impossible to sell for more than $5-$10 when you are done with them, and changing the color isn't going to change the style. You still won't like them. I'd rather see you use these chairs as they are, until you find ones you like, to go with the set. Then sell these chairs.

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