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Lehmann Wind Up Tin Litho Beetle

Posted Monday, September 25 by Brian

Can you tell me what this wind up bug might be worth? Thanks
Lehmann Beetle.jpg
Your "bug" is a beetle made by the German toy manufacturer Lehmann. It was patented in 1895. When you wind it up it walks and flaps its wings. Most of this is obvious because the piece is well marked.

Antique toys have become very collectible. Yours goes in the categories of collecting called "Wind Up Tin Toys" and "Lithographed Tin Toys". They were popular with children for two reasons, the brightly colored lithography and the movements they made when wound up. These are the same reasons that collectors like them today.

There is a huge variety to choose from with prices ranging from $5 to over $5,000 for very rare pieces. Your Lehman beetle would probably sell in the $150-$200 range.

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