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Elgin American Compact & Cigarette Case Gift Set

Posted Sunday, October 15 by Brian

Here is an item that someone brought to one of the Appraisal Fairs that I did recently.
Elgin American.jpg
We were running short on time because of high turn out at the Bloomingdale Appraisal event, when a young couple showed me this great Elgin American gift set. It has its original box, the original cloth sleeves for the compact and cigarette case and the original gift set card. The set looked unused. Apparently the recipient wasn't crazy about the "wild" 1950's modern design. But I think it is great. So much so, that I gushed, "I wouldn't be surprised if a specialty dealer didn't ask $200 for the set."

Compacts are highly collectible, but this is an area that I do not know well. So I took the photo and emailed it to a friend who collects and deals in compacts. She thought that the set would more likely be priced in the $125 area and more like sell for about $100.

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