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French Secretaire (Secretary Desk) - Auction Report

Posted Tuesday, October 17 by Brian

Secretaire.jpg Brian,
Thank you for all your efforts in connecting us with Leslie Hindman auction house, the sale was a definite success. I wanted to attend the auction because I felt like I was sending a child off to college and I wanted to see it go. When the hammer hit, college tuition was paid! With the little bit of research we were able to do once you headed us in the right direction, we realized what a unique piece we had, but we kept our expectations low.

Attending the auction itself was so much more fun than I ever could have expected. The auction house was easy to find--just two turns off the Eisenhower. A low-key sign out front informed us there was an "auction today". Once the auction began we realized we were in for a good time. Leslie conducts her business with a great sense of humor and ease with her audience, all the while staying on track and professional, her staff glows with good graces and efficiency.

Two lots before the french secretary desk was up, the buzz increased with the phone sales and internet connections, you could feel the intensity in the room, and my heart started beating double time. The bids began and as the price rose, so did the smile on my face. It was quite exciting and I felt the only mistake we made was not attending the preview. Thank you again for helping us to make this a huge success, we knew we had something in our possesion that was unusual but had no idea which way to go with it, you steered us in the right direction.

Sincerely, Kelly

I watched a good part of the auction action from my dining room table using Ebay Live. I didn't get the feel of being there in person, but the excitement of watching the bidding go from $30,000 to $85,000, first in $2,000 increments and then $5,000 increments starting at $50,000 was still quite thrilling. It wasn't even my piece of furniture, but I had been to the house to see it in person. So, I still felt a connection, and a small sense of relief.

Since I had recommended Leslie Hindman to handle the sale, I did feel some sense of responsibility. I was pleased to see that the estimate and description had been revised, showing that the auctioneer continued to research the piece, even after being assured of the consignment. With the Buyer's Premium, the total paid for the piece was $102,000. There were plenty of thrills to go around.

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