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Shawnee Cameo Line Vase #2512

Posted Sunday, October 29 by Brian

Shawnee Cameo Vase 2512.jpgI would like some information on the following, please.
Shawnee Vase # 2512, and this was my mothers.
Current market value?
The second picture #2672, is more like the true color of the vase.
Thank you so much, and God bless.

Your vase is from Shawnee's Cameo line introduced in 1960. My price guide is old but lists it at $8-$10. One identical to yours was offered for sale on Ebay last week for $9.99 plus $6.85 shipping and received no bids. The 3 pieces of Cameo that did sell, sold in the $13.50 to $23 range including shipping costs.

If you can find a collector who wants it, they would probably pay in the $8-$12 range.

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