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Herbert J. Day Paintings and Biography

Posted Wednesday, November 08 by Brian

Several years ago I did an estate sale in Des Plaines, Illinois, that included a number of paintings by Herbert J. Day. The estate sale was for a relative of his. I put together a brief biography of the artist from written materials found in the house, and published it on my other web site for the estate sale. Someone who purchased one of the paintings just called to ask me if I still had a copy of the biography. So I decided to publish it again on this site and leave it posted for everyone.

Biography of Herbert J Day (1875-1950)

Herbert J. Day held membership and exhibited paintings at the Hoosier Salon, the Art Institute , Chicago Artists Annual Exhibitions, and the All Illinois Society of the Fine Arts. He received his training at the Art Institute of Chicago and Smith Academy. He was a member of the Chicago Galleries Association where he exhibited regularly.
Herbert J Day Painting.jpg

He worked in both oil and watercolors. Favorite locales included both Northern and Southern Illinois including the Des Plaines and Galena areas, Southern Illinois around Elizabethtown, the Illinois Ozarks, Indiana around Hobart and Turkey Run, and Wisconsin.

He came to the United States from London, England as a child, but spent most of his life as a resident of Des Plaines IL.

Below are two examples of his signature. The top one from 1922, the bottom one is typical of his signature in the 1940's.
Herbert J Day Painting signatures.jpg

There are 8 more images of his work available by clicking on Read the rest of this entry.

Herbert J Day Painting 1.jpg

Herbert J Day Painting 3.jpg

Herbert J  Day Painting 4.jpg

Herbert J Day Painting 5.jpg

Herbert J Day Painting 6.jpg

Herbert J Day Painting 7.jpg

Herbert J Day Painting 8.jpg

The nude in the following watercolor is not typical of his work.
Herbert J Day Watercolor Nude.jpg

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