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C. S. Bell Co. - Church or School Bell

Posted Monday, November 13 by Brian

I talked to you on Sunday about this bell. We are looking to sell it & need to know a good asking price. Any advise will be very helpful. It is 22 inches across the bottom and is marked "The C S Bell Co. - Hillsboro O." Thanks! The bell appears to be very old.
C S Bell Co Bell.jpg

Charles Singleton Bell began manufacturing bells about 1875. By 1890 the company was making over 20,000 bells a year in 15 different sizes. Smaller bells (less than 100 pounds) were known as farm bells, and larger bells (up to 1,000 pounds) were School and Church bells). Bell succeeded in developing a steel alloy that had a richer tone than cast iron.

This information was found in a short history of the C. S. Bell foundry, that I found on the web. I also found this somewhat
longer history.

The articles refer to three versions of the company names. They speculate that the name on your bell was likely first used around 1905. So, your bell was probably made in the early 1900's.

In the last 2 weeks several large bells similar to yours have sold on Ebay in the $200-$400 range. They were in the 14 inch to 20 inch range. A 38 inch bell (nearly twice the diameter of yours) sold for just over $1600. Search Ebay for "iron bell" and go to the Completed Listings to check them out.

I suspect that your bell would probably sell in the $300 to $500 range. Possibly more if you have the uprights that would have supported the bell.

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I have a bell that is 11inch in diameter with " J Murphy founder Dublin " embossed in the bronze, i believe the bell came from a church in Ireland.
I am looking to sell this item and i am

I have a bell that is 11 inches in diameter with " J Murphy, founder Dublin " embossed in the bronze.
I want to sell this and i am looking for offers.

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