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Duncan Miller Three Face Open Compote

Posted Friday, December 22 by Brian

Three Face Compote.JPG
Attached are pictures of items that have been in my Father's family for years. The file labeled "ThreeFaces" is a bowl of some sort with three faces on the stem. The file labeled "GlassSlipper" is a small glass slipper about 8 inches long with "Gillender & Sons Centennial Exhibition" on the inside sole.

If possible I would like to know more about them and determine if either warrants any type of addtional insurance or care, etc.
Thank you, Paul R.

I'll answer the questions about the "bowl" first. As Maxwell Smart said, "missed it by that much". The actual name of this pattern is "Three Face", with out the more grammatically correct "s" on the end. It was designed by John Ernest Miller of the Duncan Miller Glass Company in the 1870's, using his wife Elizabeth as the model for the faces. It was first exhibited at the 1876 Centennial Exposition and was reportedly awarded a prize.

The shape of the piece is called a compote (or sometimes tazza), being a shallow bowl on a stemmed foot. Some are tall, some short, and some have covers. It used to be sought after by collectors of Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG). But demand for pattern glass has fallen dramatically over the last 10-15 years. Price guides value open compotes in this pattern at $85-$150. But one like yours recently attracted only one bidder on Ebay. So the price never rose from the opening bid and failed to meet the sellers reserve. We won't know what the bidder was willing to pay or what the seller was willing to take.

It took me several years to sell a covered compote in this pattern for about $65. The covered compote also has the faces as the finial of the lid.

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I have a glass in this same pattern I am wanting to sell.  Do you know it's worth?

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