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Pickard Aura Argenta Linear Syrup Pitcher

Posted Thursday, December 28 by Brian

PICKARD Aura Argenta Linear Syrup.jpg

Please find attached a picture of an item I recently received and I'm looking for the approximate value of it. It has the gold leaf mark on the bottom of both pieces.

Sincerely, Christine

The Pickard mark over a gold maple leaf was used from 1912 to 1918. The pattern on your syrup pitcher and underplate (to catch drips) is called "Aura Argenta Linear". The colors on this pattern are difficult to photograph. The name comes from the gold and silver colors used. Aura from the latin aurum for gold. Argenta from the latin argent for silver. The "silver" decoration on the piece is likely really platinum, because silver would quickly turn black. I assume that what appears to be black in the photos is actually shadow or reflection. I also have trouble photographing silver.

The Collector's Encyclopedia of Pickard China by Alan Reed pictures the syrup pitcher and underplate with a value of $295 to $375. As I've said before, this is one of the best reference books I own. It is well researched, well organized and well indexed. It also has over 900 excellent color photographs. It is unfortunately, I believe, out of print. But 3 copies recently sold on eBay in the $40-$50 range.

You didn't say if there are any artist initials on the pieces. Many pieces in this pattern are signed. Look for very small intials somewhere in the pattern of the piece not on the bottom. Look everywhere especially under the top of the syrup handle.

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