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Posted Friday, September 23 by CAG

Finley Illinois-ss.jpg
Chicago Antiques Guide was recently asked to write some articles for . Our first article Charting the Art and History of Antique Maps has just been published. It is the first in what is expected to be a short series of articles on how to begin a collection of antique maps.

The article gives a brief overview of the printing techniques. It also introduces some of the reasons people collect antique maps.

Future articles will suggest some possible themes for putting together a collection, sources for antique maps, and strategies for building your collection.

To read the complete article, CLICK HERE

The map shown here was published by Anthony Finley in 1824, just 6 years after Illinois became a state. It shows, that unlike today, the population center was in Southern Illinois. Immigrants to Illinois typically arrived by river, either the Mississippi or more commonly the Ohio River. So, towns grew and counties formed closest to the rivers where immigrants first reached Illinois.

The opening of the Erie Canal in 1825 and later the coming of railroads sped up travel and immigration to Northern Illinois.

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